Truth Is

Truth Is

Over the past 6 years through poetry and effective communication Truth Is … has dedicated much of her time and all of herself to the betterment of community. She has headlined in several conferences focused on social equity, gender equality, labour safety and youth motivation. In the past 2 years she has become a co-director of a not for profit arts organization by the name of Guelph Spoken Word and is now the artistic director of the Guelph Youth Poetry Slam. A great leader and powerful public speaker of our time has been noted for using thunderclap rhythm with a distinctive voice, blending ecstasy and despair. That has also been used as a description of her style. Her passion is only surpassed by her desire to explore and express the truth itself. This becomes obvious when her poetry is spoken. Truth is … is a multiple time individual slam champion, a 6x national & 7x regional spoken word team member; participating in well over 200 slams. She has participated in the TedxToronto and has graced the stage of the prestigious 'When Sisters Speak' spoken word concerts 4x and in addition to slams and a very long list of feature performances across North America she has recently opened up for Canadian Hip-Hop idol K-OS.

If I am a jaded tint of blue trying to make bruises jealous
It`s not hard imagining me as a poet in another life
But what if I was just a handyman
Knowing now how I always want to fix things
Whether it was with my words
Or these things
See even when I was younger Ira & I were the nine year olds running the repair shop
Trying to fix two wheelers before we realized it’s about more than mechanics
This is how I discovered hearts could be patched like tires
Because we had found happiness in in removing training wheels
Slicked the chains that oppressed action, so the pedals could move like lightening

But then it struck

That our shop never worked like it should
And in this movie like day dream
We were defective projectors that ran with untrue wheels
And now we could never work enough
Write I`m sorry with our eyes
Or wipe the silence from our tongues
Too many links were missing
And some things just work better broken
Just not friendship
So to this day we smirk hard until smiles crack like thinning ice whenever we see each other then look forward

Hind sight says it seems fitting that I then worked at an old broke down theatre
Top floor, I wanna say is closer to my dreams of fixing the world through poetry
A potential shop
That could take me to that level again
Handyman of that other life and not just a poet of this one left with a spinning top like spokes

But at 10.25 an hour
The carpets were wreaking way more of escapism than butter
The walls were flaking like friendships
And the patrons,
They would always file in when I decided to write the perfect poem that would answer my prayers
They shuffled in like cards

It nearly broke me
When I couldn`t fix it or the lives of the people in it
When I kept telling everyone that the hugs were free
Even though most days in there I couldn’t afford to pay them out
When I couldn`t answer if it was worth it

This deal I had taken from the devil
Where I was forced to find my inner sexton tending to discarded receipt rolls
Opened up coke cups and popcorn bags
Like every cinema was a decaying cathedral, a dark place for souls to worship how well their idols were pretending

And I was paid to be there
In no cape, no tights just truth, Be a handy man
Work with stars in this universal picture
12 speeders with jammed brakes heading for a ledge

But we were all pros at this
Some more professionally broken than others
Playing fix me if you can
Poster children for hug me I am human

But more than hugs were needed to stop the hemorrhaging
And well wishes to wash wounds
So I set up shop for a while, became a kickstand for them to lean against
Waiting for lightening to strike twice

Waiting to accept that maybe I was never a good fixer of things If they we nouns in this sentence of life
But the payoff for working at that old broke down theatre
Top floor, I suppose closer to my dream of being a poet

Is staying more broken than broke

© Truth Is … 2011

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