Richard Harrison

Richard Harrison

Richard Harrison is the author of 6 books of poetry, among them the Governor-General's Award-nominated Big Breath of a Wish, poems about his daughter learning to speak, and Hero of the Play, the first book of poems launched at the Hockey Hall of Fame. Big Breath won the City of Calgary Book Prize in 2000, and Hero of the Play went into a dozen reprintings before being re-released in a 10th Anniversary edition in 2004.

Richard’s other books are Fathers Never Leave You (winner of the Milton Acorn Prize, Silver Medal), Recovering the Naked Man and Worthy of His Fall. Richard’s work has been published in journals in many countries, both in English and in translation Malahat Review (Canada), Greenfield Review (United States), and di Versos (Portugal).  He has also given readings across the country and appeared on such programs as Adrienne Clarkson Presents and Peter Gzowski’s Morningside.

Richard is also an accomplished editor, most recently bringing Frontenac House’s Quartet 2011 poetry books to press. He currently teaches English and Creative Writing at Calgary’s Mount Royal University and serves as mentor to an ongoing workshop for poets who themselves have gone on to publish widely in journals, anthologies and books over the past 10 years.

More Sex, More Nature – a poem for Lisa on our 19th Anniversary

Today on our balcony, we were talking about the poem. More sex, more nature, you say. Let me in. In the garden below us, the sunflower stalks stiffen their seedy heads. I am greedy for the mouths of poetry and words spoken in ways they have never been spoken before. I want to learn the body anew the way a great fuck teaches me new things about the holes I've known all my life. Sometimes I rise from our bed and wonder if it was really me. Everything is nature and sex, everything is continuance. I would have told you the opposite before you, before children. A single self is a tiny thing, filled full on so few words. More sex, more nature you say.

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