Regie Cabico

Regie Cabico

Regie Cabico is a poet and theater artist who won The Nuyorican Poets Cafe Grand Slam and took top prizes in the 1993, 1994 & 1997 National Poetry Slams with a first place team prize in 1997. Television credits include 2 seasons of HBO's Def Poetry Jam & NPR's Snap Judgement. He is the recipient of 3 NY Innovative Theater Award nominations for his work in Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind. He has been guest teaching artist at Banff Spoken Word Arts Program and his work appears in The Spoken Word Workbook edited by Sheri-D Wilson. He resides in Washington, DC.

Variation On A Theme By Bukowski 

I believe the thought came to me 
when I was about 11 years old, I'll 
become a fag.  The people called
fags although shunned upon
seemed to have the more artful lives. 

They were so out in the open 
as munchkins on a yellow brick road. 
I stood on the side, a Kansas house 
crash as I imagined myself 
not wearing a jock mask but 

 Daisy Dukes, a cut-off Strawberry 
Shortcake sweatshirt, glitter 
& rollerskates that I can tippy 
toe on the toe stops, standing 
on street corners, a little Jodi Foster

 hooker in Taxi Driver, hands on hips,
a caramel-colored  drag queen 
in the making.  I began to put my plan
into affect.  I was noticed in the schoolyard,
my classmates taunted me,

 even the 5 & dime cashiers
muttered, Sissy. One of my teachers 
noticed, Mr. Rink. He wore tight shorts
in the Capitol city humidity
and kept me after class.

 What is it Regie? You can 
tell me…
 He put those musky 
arms around me and I rested 
myself against those forearms. Tell me, 
Regie, don't be afraid.
 I didn't say

 anything. You can stay here
as long as you want Regie. You don't
have to talk.
 He tustled my hair
with his leather-scented hand 
as I reached down and lightly

 touched his calves that glistened
in the hot afternoon. Mr. Rink
was a Hollywood hunk in the soap opera
of my soppiest dreams. He kept me
after school almost every day

 and all the straight girls and closeted
fag boys hated me but I believe
I had the most glorious boners 
of any 11 year old boy in the suburbs
of our nation's capital.

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