Klyde Broox

Klyde Broox

Klyde Broox is a veteran, well travelled, Jamaican born dubpoet who migrated to Canada in 1993 and has lived in Hamilton, Ontario, with his family since 1996. A former University of Miami James Michener Fellow, Broox gained the 2005 City of Hamilton Arts Award for Literature and the 2011 Rev. John. C. Holland Award for excellence in the arts. He has published two volumes of poetry, Poemstorm, (Swansea, Wales, 1989) and My Best Friend is White, (McGilligan Books, 2005). The latter won the 2006, Arts Hamilton/Seraphim Editions Award for Best Poetry Book. “Klyde Broox’s performances blend speech, song, dance and gesture into an, often humorous, always entertaining and thought-provoking package.” Steeped in both old and new-world oral and scribal traditions; he invites audiences to experience poetry as social communion.


Dear sir/madam
I don't give a dotcom
Who don't give a dotcom
Who di dotcom I am
Or where di dotcom
My dotcom upload from
Going .com; I am going dotcom
Dotcom dubbing, dubbing dotcom

I don’t give a dotcom
Who view my dotcom
As sham, spam
Or some other damn
Dotcom scam
Going .com; I am going dotcom

I may seem vain
Some might see me as a pain
Might even see me as going insane
But I’m still going to get my own domain
Going .com I am going dotcom
Dotcom dubbing
Dubbing dotcom

Maybe I won’t get a hit
Might be a waste of bandwidth
But I don't give a byte or a bit
If it puts u in a fit, click exit
Get over it; I’m not going to quit
Going .com
I am
Going dotcom

Far too long, I've been, unheard, unseen
Edited from mainstream TVscreen
Now @home online, i dub dotcom
Culture-jam multimedia program
I can pop-up at a dotcom
Beaming live and direct via webcam
Going .com I am going dotcom
Going, going
Gone over around above beyond
Dotcom dubbing, dubbing dotcom

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