Caritas Longman

Caritis Longman


Caritas Longman is a writer living in Calgary, Alberta. She writes in a variety of genres and is inspired by experimental music, places she has been, and her own life experiences. She writes in libraries, shopping malls, dog parks, on the train, and in her head, constantly. She does not know how to not write. She is twenty. She studies English at the University of Calgary.

today i talked too much, and it made me realize i've got stories to tell.
my voice filled up with glass and water
and slipping into the current, i found
not cuts but beachglass.
i trailed my fingers
along the riverbed, and touched
pebble and guitar string roughness
-startled sounds
, shook off sleep and
                                        felt the rattle
                                                                 of a heartbeat
and in the mix i heard myself.

Birds © 2012 Calgary Spoken Word Society